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  • Pray Daily for Our Children

    Use this daily prayer guide as you pray for your child and all children.

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    • September 2016 Week 3

      Know: Godlyconductincludescontrollingourspeech, living humbly and wisely, and submitting to God’s will.

      Think: AdoptthemindsetofsubmittingtoGodand resisting the Devil.

      Do: Submit to God’s will every day, resisting the Devil’s temptations to sin.

      James wrote about speech that came from heavenly wisdom. It did not slander or run down fellow believers. It came from humility. It sowed peace and harvested right- eousness. We can expect a similar harvest if we use our words to build people up rather than tear them down.

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    • September 2016 Week 2

      Know: Genuine faith results in good works.

      Think: Constantly be aware that your lifestyle Preschool naturally demonstrates your faith

      Do: Serve God and others because of what God has done for you.

      James wanted his readers to learn true faith: a change in the heart that results in ac- tions and ways of living that match up to the relationship with God that we claim. We need to learn the same lesson. We must never divorce our claim to faith from our actions.

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    • September 2016 Week 1

      Know: God uses trials to test and grow our faith.

      Think: Condition your thinking so that your default is to trust that God knows what He is doing in your life.

      Do: Stand firm under trials and temptation and choose to do what you know pleases God.

      Spiritual growth and success require effort. They will involve experiences we do not like. But we will not grow the way we want if we are not willing to learn through them. Growing will involve understanding the difference between trials from God, and temptations from sin, Satan, and our own sinful nature.

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    • August 2016 Week 4

      Know: Paul and Barnabas disagreed with church leaders about who could be saved.

      Think: Salvation is available for anyone who is willing to receive it.

      Do: Share your faith will all people, because salvation is for anyone who will accept it.

      Whether in a courtroom facing false charges or in a hostile world that is anti-God and the Bible, defense is everything. It would serve us well to be prepared to defend our faith at every opportunity.

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    • August 2016 Week 3

      Know: Paul and Barnabas shared God’s Word.

      Think: Remember to show God’s love to others Preschool through your words and actions

      Do: Listen to the Holy Spirit’s leading, and obey Him by sharing Jesus with some one this week.

      While the world and the church have made significant strides since the first century, there is much yet to be done. Our task of evangelizing the world is far from over. There are individu- als, families, and people groups that need to hear the message of Jesus and the grace that He offers.

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    • August 2016 Week 2

      Know: Saul’s eternal life was changed when God temporarily blinded him.

      Think: God extended grace to Saul, and He does the same for me.

      Do: Think about how your actions reflect your relationship with Christ.

      By nature, good news has a strengthening and an encouraging quality to it. There is no good news, however, that compares to the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ and His love for mankind. It is this good news that has the potential to change the world.

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    • August 2016 Week 1

      Know: Stephen stayed true to Christ and the gospel even through persecution.

      Think: Remember God will always be with us.

      Do: Follow Stephen’s example and let your words, actions and attitudes reflect Jesus to others.

      Fear is all around us and in many cases can be crippling. While we are often admon- ished to “fear not” in Scripture, this can be challenging when it comes to our fellow man. Without knowing it, they often hold us captive to fear and because of it, we fail to share the gospel, stand on biblical principles, do the right thing, or make a differ- ence. This is not what God intended.

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    • July 2016 Week 5

      Know: The events of Joseph’s life were part of God’s plan to provide for His people.

      Think: God provides blessings for His followers.

      Do: Focus on God’s blessings in your life.

      Jacob had for years believed that his beloved son Joseph had perished from wild animals. He did not know that God was using Joseph down in Egypt to prepare to save not just Egypt, but his own family as well! God has always had a way of re- deeming terrible situations!

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    • July 2016 Week 4

      Know: God was in control of Joseph’s life.

      Think: We can trust God to always be with us.

      Do: Rely on God to be in control of our lives.

      Jacob repeated the same error—favoritism among his wives and their children—that his parents had committed against him and his brother Esau. Great damage to the family followed his choice. Yet God chose to work through Jacob’s son Joseph to save the family. He started by blessing Joseph’s work.

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    • July 2016 Week 3

      Know: Jacob’s life was changed because of God.

      Think: We cannot change on our own; we need Preschool God’s help

      Do: Say “YES” to the Holy Spirit and God’s Word.

      Isaac and Rebekah gave Jacob a name—deceiver—and he lived up to it for many years. God, however, changed both Jacob and his name! Jacob became a prince with God. This did not prevent him from facing sorrow and
      loss: first Rachel, then Isaac. Yet God was with him!

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