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  • Pray Daily for Our Children

    Use this daily prayer guide as you pray for your child and all children.

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    • November 2016 Week 4

      Know: Heaven is a real place and God is in Heaven.

      Think: God gave His Son so those who believe in Him would spend eternity in Heaven.

      Do: Share what you learned about Heaven with those around you.

      Life in this world has a way of lowering our expectations for how good things can be or how any lasting satisfaction can be found. While most of us realize that Heaven won’t just involve standing around in white robes singing forever, what it actually involves might seem so for- eign that we don’t bother giving it much thought in our daily lives. Scripture paints a picture of Heaven that is not only worthy of longing for, but also can enrich our joy here and now.

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    • November 2016 Week 3

      Know: Prayer is an amazing God-given privilege that we should exercise often.

      Think: God hears our prayers.

      Do: Follow the biblical guidelines for prayer and make it a priority in Christian living.

      In one sense, prayer is simple,
      Today your student learned Jesus gave us an example of how to pray through the Lord’s Prayer. He or she learned prayer is simply a conversation with God. He or she was encouraged to create a habit of growing his or her relationship with God through prayer and Bible reading (Personal Devotions, PDs). yet it can seem complex. Prayer is easy enough for a child, but it can be exceedingly difficult at times. Prayer is mysterious and otherworldly, but it is also concrete and down-to-earth. God invites us to come to Him in prayer.

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    • November 2016 Week 2

      Know: The devil and other demons are real and want to stop you from following Jesus.

      Think: God is greater than the devil.

      Do: Seek to identify the activity of Satan in one’s personal life and in current world situations. Understand how to prepare and be victorious against His attacks.

      There can be a mixture of thought regarding the study of the devil and demons. Many today have become infatuated with these “angels gone bad” and have even developed an unhealthy interest in their work and power. However, the Scripture reveals they are a real force in the world. The Bible teaches they are at work opposing God’s work in our lives, the church, and the world as a whole. A study of the devil and demons is necessary to better prepare ourselves for spiritual victory.

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    • November 2016 Week 1

      Know: God created angels to serve as His messengers and to worship Him.

      Think: Live in the awareness that we are in the presence and protection of God’s messengers.

      Do: Follow the example of the angels in faithful service and worship of God.

      Interest in angels and “spiritual” beings has risen over the last decade. There are a lot of different ideas about angels and their work in our world. However, the only valid and reliable source of understanding about angels comes from the Bible.

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    • October 2016 Week 5

      Know: God met the needs of the Israelites when He provided bread from Heaven and water from the rock.

      Think: Have the mindset that you are under the constant, attentive care of your heavenly Father.

      Do: Thank God for His provision and obey His Word to demonstrate your trust in Him.

      Sometimes our wants and our needs get confused. What we think we actually need, like eating out, can be considered a want instead. God always has, and always will be, in the business of meeting the needs of His people.

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    • October 2016 Week 4

      Know: God parted the sea to deliver the children of Israel from the armies of Egypt.

      Think: Be at peace with the assurance that God is in control and will accomplish His plan.

      Do: Fight the urge to doubt God when faced with difficulty and uncertainty. Trust Him to see you through the situation.

      We should understand and appreciate the fact that what is impossible to us is not
      impossible with God. God always has worked, and still can work, in ways in which
      we could not understand nor could we ever mimic.

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    • October 2016 Week 3

      Know: God struck down the firstborn of Egypt but passed over the Israelites. The yearly Passover celebration was instituted.

      Think: Abide in the confidence that Christ’s blood covers your sin and protects you.

      Do: Trust in Christ, the Passover Lamb, whose shed blood washes away your sin!

      Of all that can be celebrated in our lives, nothing is any more meaningful or special than for- giveness. But this forgiveness comes at a cost. God’s people learned this in Exodus 12. They would never look at blood, or forgiveness, the same again.

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    • October 2016 Week 2

      Know: God called Moses to free the children of Israel from the bondage of Egypt.

      Think: Live with an awareness that your purpose is to accomplish God’s mission.

      Do: Follow God’s direction as He executes His plan for your life.

      God’s kingdom is not limited to any one personality, character trait, or set of gifts. He has a purpose, a plan, and a set of gifts for each of His followers.

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    • October 2016 Week 1

      Know: From birth, God was training Moses to be the deliverer of the Israelites from Egypt.

      Think: Be conscious of God’s intentional leading and presence in your life.

      Do: Use what you have learned and experienced to serve the Lord as He leads you.

      Regardless of the career or position, training is vital. Whether that training is in the classroom or with on-the-job experience, the time spent in preparation is invaluable. Like career training, the Lord often has His own training program He puts His followers through. Such is the case with Moses.

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    • September 2016 Week 4

      Know: We are to patiently endure suffering, waiting for God’s deliverance.

      Think: View suffering as a temporary condition that will one day be done away with.

      Do: Patiently live for Christ, praying in all circumstances.

      James had spoken quite a bit about the improper uses of speech. In this Scripture, he turned to the need for us to exercise patience and perseverance, even when faced with difficulty or sickness. Even trials such as these provide an opportunity for constructive speech: prayer, praise, confession, and counsel.

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